INKnBURN- My Latest Running Apparel Discovery

Even though the athletic apparel company INKnBURN has been around for about 11 years, I only recently discovered them. I kept seeing this runner I follow on Instagram wearing these fun and unique-looking shirts and finally I realized they’re from INKnBURN. According to their website, “Our mission is to put art on quality athletic apparel” and I feel like they accomplish that mission well. All of the apparel is hand-crafted in small, limited-edition runs in their Southern California warehouse.

INKnBURN uses Dry I.C.E. Fabric for all of their clothing to wick away moisture and help you stay cool. The material has a silky, light feel and doesn’t rub or chafe whether you’re running, biking, hiking, or participating in any other activity. In fact, they’re tough enough to stand up to ultra distances. Sandy Vi set the new Women’s World Record for the fastest crossing of the US on foot wearing INKnBURN (She ran 3,127 miles averaging 57 miles a day for 54 days straight).

Currently, INKnBURN makes short-sleeve and long-sleeve tops, mens golf shirts, tanks, singlets, breeze tops, shorts, skirts, skorts, capris, tights, jackets, vests, sports bras, masks, sleeves, hats, and headbands. Oh, and they also make custom shirts where you upload a photo and they make a shirt featuring your photo. Cool, huh?

What I love most about INKnBURN is their art work. These products truly are works of art and they have something for everyone. Like Japanese-inspired art? They have released products with names like Origami, Kaze (with pink cherry blossoms drifting across an asymmetrical composition of classic Japanese textiles), Kaiyo, Shibori Star, just to name a few. Prefer nature-inspired art? How about Water Lotus, Moonlit Crane, or New Leaf? Like funky designs? Check out Boho, Radiant Paisley, or Rhythm and Hues. They really have designs for just about anyone, which is awesome since art is so subjective.

If the prices seem a bit steep, they usually have at least a few different items on sale, especially shirts and sometimes pants. One drawback is items tend to sell out quickly, since they’re made in small batches, so you will see many items out of stock on their website. I suggest subscribing to their newsletter if you’re really interested in their products so you get first-dibs when they release a new style.

Interested in buying but need a little more incentive? For 10% off your order, use my link: Just be sure you use it by June 12, 2021.

Are you already a fan of INKnBURN or never heard of the company? Do you like art work on your active wear or prefer more subtle clothes?

Happy running!


Review of Decathlon Running Apparel or Why Running Tights Should Not Cost $158

I first stumbled upon the sporting goods store Decathlon when I was reading something online and they referred to it. Honestly, I don’t even remember what the article was about, but it mentioned something about a sporting goods store founded in France called Decathlon. Naturally, I looked it up, only to find there were no brick-and-mortar stores in the US anywhere near me but I could still buy online. Decathlon sells apparel and equipment for a wide range of athletes and outdoor-enthusiasts, for a huge list of activities like running, walking, hiking, swimming, fishing, hunting, combat sports, archery, yoga, racket sports, and on and on. Here’s their website:

Even though there are currently only a couple of stores in the San Francisco area in the US, Decathlon is apparently the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. They are able to keep costs low by offering 20 of its own brands and cutting out the middleman. Their running-specific brand is Kalenji, though of course there are other brands of running apparel than this one. Still, you won’t find brands like Nike, Adidas, or any other “big-name” companies at Decathlon.

I took a chance and placed my first online order in January of 2019. In that first order, I bought a pair of capri running tights for $10.90, a long-sleeve running pullover for $11.90, a fleece jacket technically for sailing according to Decathlon for $17.90, and a pair of ankle-length running tights for $14.90, with free shipping, coming to a grand total of $55.60. I’ve run in, gone to yoga class, and lifted weights in this athletic apparel many times since then and everything still looks brand new.

One of the hats and tights on the left, pullover on the right

When I first received the tights and capris, I’ll admit I was a little concerned because the material seemed a bit thin. However, I’ve run in both pair of bottoms through a total downpour and/or more manageable rain, extremely windy conditions, and just your average chilly day and have never been cold (or overheated) in them, meaning they “breath” extremely well, perhaps surprisingly well given the price. Everything from my original order has been worn through many conditions, washed, and dried many times and as I said earlier, still looks like new.

Since that initial order, I’ve ordered a pair of running shorts for $7.00, a “mountain backpacking” cap that I wear to run in for $7.99, another “mountain backpacking” cap that I also run in for $3.00, and a “hiking” fleece jacket for $10. This all came to a grand total of $27.99 with no shipping fees. Currently for orders over $30, Decathlon offers free shipping (that minimum amount for free shipping has ranged from $25-$50 since I first ordered with them). Just like with my previous order, I’ve absolutely loved everything I’ve ordered. Everything has fit well and doesn’t feel “cheap.” The tights, capris, and shorts all came with a zippered pocket in the back. Both fleece jackets came with zippered pockets. The caps are fully adjustable.



When I found out there was an actual Decathlon store in Spain near where I had a vacation planned for the end of June, I was very excited and of course was looking forward to visiting the store in person. Then COVID-19 hit and American citizens were prohibited from flying to the EU so I had to cancel that trip.

Still, online sales work for me, especially now that I know what sizes fit me best. I should note too that I’ve never had to send anything back because of poor quality or it didn’t fit. Just about the only complaint I have is they’re sometimes out of stock in my size. If you’re looking for multiple items and/or can be flexible, that definitely helps, otherwise you’ll likely be disappointed. I have no doubt that their inventory is depleted even more so now because of COVID-19.

Finally, I’d like to argue against anyone who might say their gear is cheap and bad for the environment because it doesn’t last long and has to be thrown out every couple of seasons. I still have every single item I’ve purchased from Decathlon and every thing is still in great shape. Besides, running clothes typically don’t last for anything like a decade anyway whether they’re $158 running tights from Lululemon or $14.90 running tights from Decathlon.

Have you ever bought anything from Decathlon? Are you the type of person that’s brand-loyal and will pay more money just because you’re comfortable with the brand or are you more willing to try new brands and new companies?

Happy running!



Running Gear Review- Turtle Running Mittens

I had been searching literally for years for some good running gloves. All of the ones I had tried either were too thin and my hands didn’t stay warm or they were too thick and my hands would get sweaty. I was browsing on Instagram recently and came across a post where someone was wearing Turtle running mittens and I was intrigued. I had never tried running mittens before. These claimed to wick sweat away as well as being convertible (you can pull down the tops if you don’t want full coverage).

After chatting with a friendly representative from Turtle’s customer service department, a pair was sent my way gratis. I couldn’t wait to try them! Would they live up to the hype?


I received not only the mittens but some other Turtle goodies as well in a very timely fashion. My first impression was the mittens seemed very soft and comfortable. I tried them on and they fit well and were easy to fold down. All I needed was to put them to the test- would they not only keep my hands warm but also be breathable?

The weather for my next long run was cold and rainy- perfect for trying out my new Turtle running mittens. Honestly, if these mittens could keep my hands warm in these awful weather conditions, then they truly lived up to the hype. I set out for a 7 mile run in a light mist and around 35 degrees. After a few miles the rain picked up and went from a light rain to a pretty steady rain. Everything on me from my hat to my windbreaker pants to my running shoes were soaked by mile 5. Amazingly, my hands were warm and dry even though the mittens were getting pretty wet on the outside by this point.


I stopped a couple of times to drink from my water bottles and found it a bit cumbersome to do that wearing the full-on mittens so I peeled them back to make grabbing my bottles easier. Over time I may get used to wearing the mittens and not have to do this, but we’ll see. It was quick and easy, though, so even if I do have to still fold them back it’s not a big deal.

When I got home, I took off all of my wet clothes to warm up. I was shocked at how dry the mittens were despite being so wet on the outside and my daughter even remarked about this when she picked them up. More importantly, my hands weren’t red and numb like they had been on my last long run in the cold rain with my old running gloves. My hands actually felt great despite being out in the cold rain for an hour.


These are also great for keeping the wind at bay. My hands get cold pretty easily so even when it’s not cold and rainy or even not all that cold I like to wear gloves. These are great for those times because if I do get a little warm I can always just fold them down for less coverage. Finally, these running mittens are affordable. You can buy them online from Turtle Gloves for about $30. They also have fingerless gloves, mitten hoodies, and scarves. I tried the TURTLe-FLIP running mittens in lightweight. I don’t typically run in temperatures below freezing. If you do, you probably want to get either the midweight or heavyweight mittens.

Winter isn’t over yet! If you’ve been struggling to find a good pair of running gloves like I was, do yourself a favor and get a pair of Turtle running mittens now.

Happy running!



Some Things I Do Simply Because I Run

I was thinking about this when I was running the other day. There are a lot of things that I do simply because I’m a runner that I most likely would never do if I didn’t run. As I was running, I started making a mental list of some of those things. Some are maybe a little crazy to the non-runner, others are probably not so strange.

  • I keep track of my heart rate and VO2 max. Years ago this wasn’t so easy to do but now with my Garmin watch, I can just glance down and see these numbers along with a myriad of other numbers. If I wasn’t a runner, I’m sure I could care less what my VO2 max was and most likely wouldn’t even know what it is (maximum oxygen your body can use during an intense workout).

Running in the Canary Islands was awesome!

  • I experience so much more of an area I’m vacationing in because I run. If I didn’t run, I’d just see places we drive by from the car until we reached our destination. When you’re outside running, you see and hear things you wouldn’t if you were in a car going from point a to point b.
  • I put much more time and thought into buying a new pair of running shoes than I do any other shoes I wear. I’ve bought every day shoes from consignment sales (meaning “gently used” for those who’ve never been to a consignment sale) but would never in a million years buy running shoes from a consignment sale.
  • I also have put much more thought into buying running socks than every day socks. Over the years I’ve tried so many different brands of running socks, on a quest to find ones that don’t leave my poor toes blistered and bruised. For my every day socks, I just buy what ever color I happen to need at the time. For the record, I’m a big fan of compression socks and am an ambassador for Zensah. When I get discount codes I can share, I will!

I know I’m not the only runner who gets excited about new running shoes!

  • I’m not above quick meals for myself and my family for dinner. I work full-time. It’s extremely hard to work all day, drive home, run for 40-45 minutes, and make a home-cooked meal for three people. Because I’m a runner, quick meals are my friend, as are leftovers and crock pot dinners. Even if I wasn’t a runner, this one would still apply to me, I’m sure.
  • I often plan what I’m going to eat for breakfast and lunch around my run. Once I made the mistake of eating bacon and eggs for breakfast before going out an hour later for a run. Seriously, what was I thinking? I’ve also had things that didn’t settle well in my stomach for lunch and have learned I can’t eat those before running (even a couple of hours later).
  • I’ve also consumed my fair share of runner-geared gels, gummies, packets (of jelly-like consistency), bars, and other such “snacks” designed to provide fuel during a long run. Some of these products are things I would never have eaten if I wasn’t a runner, and most of the aforementioned things I don’t eat now. Honey Stinger is a star in the field here; I’d happily eat their products even if I wasn’t a runner, they’re that good. Like Zensah, I’m also an ambassador for Honey Stinger and share discount codes when I get ones I can share.


  • When I meet someone new, my first impression of them is better if I find out they’re a runner. What can I say? Runners are like family. We watch out for each other. If I wasn’t a runner, I’m sure I could care less if the person I was meeting ever ran or not.
  • I’ve been known to judge a city by how runner-friendly it is. If a city doesn’t have sidewalks anywhere or other safe places for runners, it gets a black mark in my book. Also, if a city is full of drivers that yell at you when you’re running or try to run you over with their car, that’s a definite black mark.

These are just a few of the things I do as a runner I probably wouldn’t do if I didn’t run. What about you guys? What are some of the strange or different things you do simply because you’re a runner?

Happy running!


P.S. If you’re running low on nuun hydration, here’s a code for 30% off, good through the end of the month.

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