Running Gear Review- Turtle Running Mittens

I had been searching literally for years for some good running gloves. All of the ones I had tried either were too thin and my hands didn’t stay warm or they were too thick and my hands would get sweaty. I was browsing on Instagram recently and came across a post where someone was wearing Turtle running mittens and I was intrigued. I had never tried running mittens before. These claimed to wick sweat away as well as being convertible (you can pull down the tops if you don’t want full coverage).

After chatting with a friendly representative from Turtle’s customer service department, a pair was sent my way gratis. I couldn’t wait to try them! Would they live up to the hype?


I received not only the mittens but some other Turtle goodies as well in a very timely fashion. My first impression was the mittens seemed very soft and comfortable. I tried them on and they fit well and were easy to fold down. All I needed was to put them to the test- would they not only keep my hands warm but also be breathable?

The weather for my next long run was cold and rainy- perfect for trying out my new Turtle running mittens. Honestly, if these mittens could keep my hands warm in these awful weather conditions, then they truly lived up to the hype. I set out for a 7 mile run in a light mist and around 35 degrees. After a few miles the rain picked up and went from a light rain to a pretty steady rain. Everything on me from my hat to my windbreaker pants to my running shoes were soaked by mile 5. Amazingly, my hands were warm and dry even though the mittens were getting pretty wet on the outside by this point.


I stopped a couple of times to drink from my water bottles and found it a bit cumbersome to do that wearing the full-on mittens so I peeled them back to make grabbing my bottles easier. Over time I may get used to wearing the mittens and not have to do this, but we’ll see. It was quick and easy, though, so even if I do have to still fold them back it’s not a big deal.

When I got home, I took off all of my wet clothes to warm up. I was shocked at how dry the mittens were despite being so wet on the outside and my daughter even remarked about this when she picked them up. More importantly, my hands weren’t red and numb like they had been on my last long run in the cold rain with my old running gloves. My hands actually felt great despite being out in the cold rain for an hour.


These are also great for keeping the wind at bay. My hands get cold pretty easily so even when it’s not cold and rainy or even not all that cold I like to wear gloves. These are great for those times because if I do get a little warm I can always just fold them down for less coverage. Finally, these running mittens are affordable. You can buy them online from Turtle Gloves for about $30. They also have fingerless gloves, mitten hoodies, and scarves. I tried the TURTLe-FLIP running mittens in lightweight. I don’t typically run in temperatures below freezing. If you do, you probably want to get either the midweight or heavyweight mittens.

Winter isn’t over yet! If you’ve been struggling to find a good pair of running gloves like I was, do yourself a favor and get a pair of Turtle running mittens now.

Happy running!