Packing list-tweens

For children in middle school, packing becomes much easier.  For one thing, they are fully capable of carrying their own backpack and pulling a small suitcase on wheels.  They also no longer need many of the bulky items that younger children need like a car seat.  I like to have mine choose books of her own to bring and surprise her with new books along the course of the vacation on days when she’s behaving well.  Throughout the year I’m always looking for small things that I can reward her with when we’re traveling.

Here is a suggested packing list when traveling with tweens:

clothes including shirts, pants, shorts, pajamas, bathing suit, socks, and underwear

personal hygiene products (toothbrush, hair brush, etc.)

audio books and/or music to listen to along with a device and their own headphones (not just borrow mom or dad’s phone and earbuds)

diary for them to write down special memories

many kids like having their own camera to take pictures so a cheap camera is great for this

small amount of their own spending money

dvd player and movies for times in transit or waiting (such as at the airport)