Packing list-toddlers and grade school children

Some of the items on the packing list for babies up to the age of 2 don’t apply to older children, but many do or may depending on your child including:

car seat

car seat carrier if flying. I really like a backpack style so your hands are free for carrying other things.  One good one is by Evelyn and Delilah and is available on Amazon.

pack-n-play and sheets (2 sets) if there isn’t a crib where you are going



clothes including socks, hats, shoes

just enough diapers for your travel day; buy more when you get to your destination rather than haul around a big pack of diapers unless you are going somewhere this isn’t an option

snacks for travel days

sippy cup, plastic container for storing food, ziplock bags

toys including bath toys, teething toys, and general toys (try to choose small ones)


package of wipes

sound machine

night light


Some additional items include:

personal hygiene products (toothbrush, hair brush, etc.)

new (new to the child, but gently used is perfectly fine) toys/books/crayons given to them as a special gift when they are behaving well to keep them busy on the plane, train, bus, or car

audio books and/or music to listen to along with a device and their own headphones (not just borrow mom or dad’s phone and earbuds)

diary for them to write down special memories

many kids like having their own camera to take pictures so a cheap camera is great for this

small amount of their own spending money

dvd player and movies for times in transit or waiting (such as at the airport)