Half Marathons

Running a Half Marathon or Marathon in All 50 United States? Here are the Races in States that I Recommend (not all of the races below are ones I recommend)

  1. North Carolina- Battleship Half Marathon in Wilmington, NC (November 2000 and 2001) ; Gold Rush Half Marathon in Concord, NC (March 2002) North Carolina-My first half marathon (and third and fourth)
  2. Hawaii- Kona Marathon and Half Marathon (June 2001) Kona Marathon and Half Marathon, Hawaii-2nd state
  3. Pennsylvania- Philadelphia Distance Run (September 2004) Pennsylvania-3rd state
  4. South Carolina- Kiawah Island Marathon and Half Marathon (December 2004) South Carolina-4th state
  5. Arizona- Valley of the Sun Marathon and Half Marathon in Phoenix (March 2005) Arizona-5th state
  6. Ohio- Columbus Distance Run (April 2006) Ohio-6th state
  7. Kentucky- Louisville Half Marathon (October 2006) Kentucky-7th state
  8. Florida- Naples Daily News Half Marathon in Naples (January 2007) Florida- 8th state
  9. Vermont- Covered Bridges in Woodstock (June 2007) Vermont-9th state
  10. Texas- Marathon of the Americas and Half Marathon in San Antonio (November 2007) Texas-10th state
  11. Nevada- Laughlin Half Marathon (March 2008) Nevada-11th state
  12. Connecticut- Stratton Faxon Half Marathon in Fairfield (June 2008) Connecticut-12th state
  13. Indiana- Evansville Half Marathon (October 2008) Indiana-13th state
  14. Georgia- Run the Reagan in Snellville (February 2009) Georgia-14th state
  15. Michigan- Bayshore Marathon and Half Marathon in Traverse City (May 2009) Michigan-15th state
  16. North Dakota- Kroll’s Diner Marathon and Half Marathon in Bismarck (September 2009) North Dakota-16th state
  17. Louisiana- Ole Man River in New Orleans (December 2009) Louisiana-17th state
  18. Kansas- Olathe Kansas (April 2010) Kansas-18th state
  19. Wisconsin- Madison Mini-Marathon (August 2010) Wisconsin-19th state
  20. Mississippi- Gulf Coast Half Marathon (November 2010) Mississippi-20th state
  21. Oklahoma- Arbuckles to Ardmore Half Marathon (March 2011) Oklahoma-21st state
  22. Montana- Missoula Half Marathon (July 2011) Montana-22nd state
  23. Alabama- Kaiser Realty Half Marathon in Orange Beach (November 2011) Kaiser Realty Coastal Half Marathon, Alabama-23rd state
  24. Virginia- Shamrock Half Marathon Virginia Beach (March 2012) Shamrock Marathon, Virginia-24th state
  25. Illinois- Chicago 13.1 Half Marathon, Chicago (June 2012) Chicago 13.1 Half Marathon, Illinois- 25th State
  26. Rhode Island- Amica Half Marathon Newport (October 2012) Newport Marathon, Rhode Island- 26th State
  27. Tennessee- Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon and Half Marathon (April 2013) Covenant Health Knoxville Half Marathon, Tennessee- 27th state
  28. Washington- San Juan Harbor Half Marathon in Friday Harbor (June 2013) San Juan Island Half Marathon, Washington- 28th state
  29. Massachusetts- All Women & One Lucky Guy Half Marathon in Newburyport (November 2013) All Women & One Lucky Guy Half Marathon, Massachusetts- 29th state
  30. New York- New York City 13.1 (March 2014) Allstate New York 13.1 Half Marathon, New York- 30th state
  31. Maine- Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon in Portland (July 2014) Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon, Maine- 31st state
  32. Missouri- Roller Coaster Half Marathon in Branson (October 2014) Roller Coaster Half Marathon, Missouri- 32nd state
  33. Maryland- Frederick Running Festival Half Marathon (May 2015) Frederick Half Marathon, Maryland- 33rd state
  34. South Dakota- Spearfish Canyon Half Marathon (July 2015) Spearfish Canyon Half Marathon, South Dakota- 34th state
  35. New Hampshire- Dixville Half Marathon in Colebrook (September 2015) Dixville Half Marathon, New Hampshire- 35th state
  36. Oregon- MacKenzie River Half Marathon in Eugene (March 2016) McKenzie River Half Marathon, Oregon- 36th state
  37. Colorado- Boulder Rez Half Marathon (June 2016) Boulder Rez Half Marathon, Colorado- 37th state
  38. California- Silver Strand Half Marathon in Coronado (November 2016) Silver Strand Half Marathon, California-38th state
  39. Utah- Dogtown Half Marathon in Washington (February 2017) Dogtown Half Marathon, Utah- 39th state
  40. New Jersey- Superhero Half Marathon in Morristown (May 2017) Superhero Half Marathon, New Jersey- 40th state
  41. West Virginia- Marshall University Half Marathon, West Virginia-41st state (November 2017)
  42. Idaho- Famous Potato Half Marathon, Idaho-42nd state (May 2018)
  43. Alaska- Skinny Raven Half Marathon, Anchorage, Alaska-43rd state (August 2018)
  44. Arkansas- White River Half Marathon, Cotter, Arkansas-44th state (November 2018)
  45. Delaware- Seashore Classic Half Marathon, Lewes, Delaware- 45th state (May 2019)
  46. Wyoming- Star Valley Half Marathon, Thayne, Wyoming- 46th state (July 2019)
  47. Nebraska- Hot Cider Hustle Half Marathon, Omaha, Nebraska- 47th state (October 2019)
  48. Minnesota- Circle of Life Half Marathon, Lake City, Minnesota- 48th state (June 2021)
  49. Iowa- IMT Des Moines Half Marathon, Des Moines, Iowa- 49th state (October 2021)
  50. New Mexico- The Albuquerque Half Marathon, Albuquerque, New Mexico-50th state (November 2021)

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