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I completed my quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states in the United States with my final state (New Mexico) in November 2021. Many of my blog posts have been about not only the races I ran but also the time I spent in each of those states. It was always much more about the journey than just checking off boxes.

In addition to being a mother and runner, I am an avid traveler. I love showing people that just because you have children doesn’t mean you have to stop traveling. Too many people, especially Americans stop traveling once they have children and don’t travel again until they retire from their jobs. This is a travesty in my opinion. My daughter and I love to take active family vacations and some of our favorites have been to US national parks, Greece, Austria, and New Zealand.

I feel that with my unique perspective as an active woman, mother, and traveler, I would be able to work with a multitude of companies. For example,

  • I would be happy to review products for athletic companies (running, hiking, cycling gear)
  • Likewise I would happily review travel gear and products
  • Sponsored posts and content for athletic or travel companies would be considered
  • I would consider working with hotels, tour companies, or other travel-related companies

If you are a company or brand interested in collaborating, here are some of the things I can provide in exchange:

  • Reviews from an honest perspective; as a runner, mother, and traveller in my 40’s I’ve gained some experience that has made me wiser over the years
  • Photos and posts from my unique perspective on social media platforms- Twitter (almost 3k followers), Facebook, and Instagram (2.1k followers)
  • Full blog posts including engaging content about your product or brand and full color photos with your product or brand being featured

If you’re interested in working with me, please contact me at runningtotravel (at) gmail (dot) com

Thank you!


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