Five Running-Related Things About Me

Unless you’ve followed my blog for years (and if you have, thank you) you probably don’t know the following five running-related things about me. Even if you do regularly follow my blog, there are still some things here you probably don’t know about me. Every now and then I like to post something like this, a get to know me post to make my blog more personal. I know most runners are curious about what other runners like and don’t like and what they’ve gone through as runners so I’m going to share five things about me here. I hope you find them interesting!

Running in Hawaii. This is one picture that definitely does not do the place justice!
  1. I’ve only had one bad fall while running. I still have scars on my right shoulder and left knee from when I fell two years ago (Sometimes You Fall). This was by far the worst I’ve ever gotten scraped-up from falling during a run. Fortunately I haven’t fallen during a run since then (knock on wood!).
  2. Even though one of my absolute most favorite places to run especially during the summer is on the trails, I’ve never run a trail race. I’ve thought about it and even asked for suggestions of trail races on Twitter what feels like a lifetime ago (but was actually late 2019) when I thought I was actually going to be able to run my final three half marathons for my quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states in 2020. I was thinking about what I would do after I finished my quest.
  3. I have a sensitive stomach and have thrown up before a race on more than one occasion. In fact, while I was throwing up in the parking lot before my half marathon in Missouri Roller Coaster Half Marathon, Missouri- 32nd state, a race I actually managed to win in my age group, a kind gentleman was giving me encouraging words of advice to someone who was “new” to running. I didn’t bother to correct him or tell him that in fact it wasn’t my first race but my 34th half marathon with about a dozen other races on top of that.
  4. It probably comes as no surprise I like to combine running and travel. It may surprise you to hear one of my favorite places in the world to run is in Hawaii. Yes, it’s hot but I can take the heat (usually, although see my next point below). The ocean views when you’re running along the coastline, high on a running path looking down into the water and rocks below are truly stunning.
  5. Even though I’ve only run one marathon and it was an absolutely miserable experience because of the extreme heat the day of the race, I’m fascinated by the Comrades Marathon, which is 89 kilometers or 55 miles through the province of South Africa I realize it sounds crazy that I always said I would never run another full marathon but I would love to run a race that’s 55 miles and it’s also a race that you have to have a qualifying marathon time to even register for. So, that would mean I would have to run another marathon and finish in the qualifying time before running Comrades. Not that I have any plans on doing either of those things, but I always say, never say never! I would like to think I’m about 1000 times smarter when it comes to race plans, fueling, recovery, etc. than when I was training for the Long Beach Marathon. Of course nothing would have changed the poor luck with the weather that day: high 80’s in October when it’s usually low- to mid-70’s.

What about you? Care to share something about yourself that’s running-related that others may not know?

Happy running!


Author: runningtotravel

I'm a long distance runner with a goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states in the US. I also love to travel so I travel to other places when I'm not running races. Half the fun is planning where I'm going to go next!

20 thoughts on “Five Running-Related Things About Me”

  1. Yikes. 55 miles? No thanks.
    I’ve only run one marathon and it was perfect conditions so I’ll leave it as that.
    I love trails but the same, never run a trail race but I am tempted as it would be so slow because I would walk most of it.
    I broke my ankle in several places falling on a run – first time for surgery and hopefully the last time.
    Hawaii sounds like a awesome place to run.

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  2. I, too, am contemplating Comrades. I’ve been told it’s amazing. Only problem is I can’t decide whether I want to run an uphill year (Oh, God) or a downhill year (wimp!) As for trail races, my first ultra was the Run Woodstock 50K. Come do that when you’ve finished your 50-state quest. There is nothing like it.

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  3. I’ve been a runner for most of my life and I’ve also never ran a trail event. I’m running my very first trail run next month. It’s a 50k and I’m super nervous but I’ve got 12 hours to finish so fingers crossed there are no issues 🙂.

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  4. This morning I took my first run in months. Testing my capsilitis to see how it fared. So far, not too bad. It’s not completely gone, but I haven’t suffered all day with post-run foot pain like I thought I might. We’ll see what tomorrow at work brings. I just went to a dedicated running shoe store yesterday and bought a pair of Hoka-One-Ones. So far, really love them. So cushiony. Probably wouldn’t have done this test run without them!

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  5. What a fun post! Very interesting you’ve never done a trail race though I’m sure keeping busy with all your half marathons has been hard to fit in many other races. I might’ve shared this before but the first 5k I ever ran in 2003 was also my dad’s first 5k and I beat him and have never beat him in any race since that one!

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  6. I hope you do a trail race at some point just so I can read your race report! It is a different animal than a road race for sure. I would love to hear your “take”. After running on the roads for 25 years, now the trails are my favorite place to run by far.

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  7. I’m looking forward to start running again. I have put it aside for a few years. I did run a half marathon and one full marathon. The full marathon was a smaller distance then the half. It’s all good. Really lots of fun, or I would not do it at all. Finishing is such a great feeling. Some marathons are brutal as friends have told me. One in California has an incline that’s close to perpendicular. I exaggerate. But if you had to run it, you feel the pain. I have pulled a ankle muscle in the 23 mile run in the last quarter of the run. I felt the aching pain but I had to finish. you know how that feels like, I’m sure.

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    1. That sounds terrible pulling a muscle in your ankle at the last quarter of a run. I once ran a half marathon with a severe case of iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS). I limped to the start, not something I would ever recommend, but I did finish that race.

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  8. Comrades fascinates me as well, and what a great reason to visit South Africa! Go for it! I’ve only done 1 road marathon and numerous trail events. The reason I got into trail running as I felt conscious being a slower road runner. I would not feel like that today tough 😀 50 states running is on my bucket list!

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