My Top Five TV Shows of All Time

Even though my blog is typically about either something running-related or something travel-related, hence the name, I’m going rogue for this post (thanks, COVID!). Although I’m still running, I’m not racing and haven’t been able to run what was supposed to be my final three half marathons this year to finish my quest to run a half marathon in all 50 states (Iowa, New Mexico, and Minnesota are the ones left, if you don’t know or didn’t see my map). I’m also not traveling much this year and have had to cancel all of my spring, summer, and fall travel plans although I did have a couple of plan b vacations.

So, I’m stealing this idea from a podcast I listened to on a run recently, which you can find here:, episode 215, “The Best TV Show Characters of All Time.” I am going to put my own spin on the idea, however, and talk about TV shows in general, not limited to just show characters. I will also say that these are shows that while they’re no longer airing new shows, there aren’t any from my childhood, so I didn’t go back too far. You know the shows that you look(ed) forward to watching each week, eagerly anticipating what was going to happen? That’s what these shows were to me. Many of them I re-watched over and over again.

I’m not going to rank my top five TV shows because that would be way too hard. It was hard enough to limit it to five but I didn’t want to go crazy and five seemed like a good number. I’ll give some brief background about each TV show for those of you who have never seen the show. I’m also going to talk about some of my favorite moments from the shows and some of my favorite characters. Here goes!

House of Cards

This show is one that honestly surprised me that I loved as much as I did because I almost never like politically-based shows. House of Cards starred Kevin Spacey as Congressman Frank Underwood and Robin Wright as his wife Claire Underwood and was set in Washington, D.C. It aired from 2013 to 2018 on Netflix. The lengths that Frank and Claire would go to to secure the Underwoods’ spot in the White House was astounding. Every week I would just watch in disbelief as I watched some horrific acts being done by the Underwoods and would anxiously wait to see what else the writers of the show would come up with. I will say this show has some dark scenes and may not be for everyone.

My favorite character on the show was Claire Underwood because she was able to gradually reveal just how ambitious she really was. How she ended up where she was by the end of the show was truly incredible and while it may have seemed a bit too unbelievable, it was entirely possible. I loved how they often showed flashbacks of Claire’s childhood and young adulthood to reveal aspects of her character and how she got to where she was in life. The brutal killing of journalist Zoe Barnes was one of the more memorable moments for me, although I can’t say it’s my favorite. I won’t give away how she dies for anyone who hasn’t seen the show but would like to watch it.

Sex and the City

Sex and the City was based on a book of the same name by Candace Bushnell, which I devoured. Luckily for me when Sex and the City aired, beginning in 1998 and going into early 2004, I actually had the premium TV channel HBO (normally I’ve never paid for premium TV channels but it was included in a package I had at the time). Sex and the City was set and filmed in New York City and starred Sarah Jessica Parker as Carrie Bradshaw, Kim Cattrell as Samantha Jones, Kristin Davis as Charlotte York, and Cynthia Nixon as Miranda Hobbes. While these four women were best friends, they had very different personalities, which just added to the draw of the show. The show focused on friendship, dating, and of course sex, in a way that was at times funny, shocking, and enlightening.

It’s hard to say which character was my favorite. Carrie Bradshaw was the main character and was kind of set up to be the favorite in many ways, but I found myself intrigued by Samantha Jones. Samantha was the extreme character of the show, who would say and do things that were edgy and pushed the envelope of what’s “normal” or “acceptable” for a woman in her 40’s. More often than not, I found myself rooting for Samantha, all the while astounded by some of the things she would say or do. The quintessential Sex and the City moment was when Carrie tripped and fell on the fashion runway. Instead of running away in tears, she got right back up and continued her walk, holding her head up high.

The X-Files

The X-Files is a science fiction drama that ran on Fox network from 1993 to 2002 and starred FBI agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) whose job was to investigate unsolved cases involving paranormal phenomena. The two characters provided the perfect yin-yang since Mulder was portrayed as the alien-chaser, often obsessive in his quest to prove the government conspiracy to hide the truth and Scully was the skeptical, more sensible medical doctor just out to seek the truth, whatever that may be. Over the years, different plots were revealed, and I found myself curious as to where the show would go with the storyline. Although I’ve never been one to believe in government conspiracies, I found myself intrigued by the ideas on the show.

I was definitely drawn to the character Dana Scully and how her beliefs evolved over the years. By the end of the show, she had become a reluctant believer at least in some paranormal activities, though not nearly to the extreme as Mulder. She attempted to explain the paranormal using science and showed it was possible to believe in both. I liked how she was usually able to rein in Mulder and although she never came close to changing his mind when it came to aliens and the paranormal in general, she could at least get him to see the science behind it. One of the most memorable episodes for me is called “Home” and is about an inbred family of killers. Even though that was in season 4, I still remember that show in grisly detail.


So far I feel like my choices have been TV shows that cover some shocking and/or controversial material. Seinfeld may have occasionally covered some controversial material, but it was first and foremost a sitcom. Created by Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the show aired from 1989 to 1998 and was set in New York City. Although it was often described as a “show about nothing,” the characters made the show one of the most widely loved and influential TV shows of all time. The show starred Jerry Seinfeld as a fictionalized version of himself, Jason Alexander as George Costanza, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Elaine Benes, and Michael Richards as Cosmo Kramer. Seinfeld was one of those shows that made you laugh at the characters but also relate to some of the often crazy things they would say or do.

I’m not sure I could choose just one character as my favorite. They each had an important part in the show and had so many moments that stand out to me. I remember Elaine’s bad dance moves, wiping her butt on her co-worker’s keyboard, eating olives straight from the jar with her fingers at Jerry’s apartment, and her many bad dating moments. I remember the time Kramer had an elite runner staying at his apartment the night before the NYC marathon and how badly that went, a group of Japanese business men staying with Kramer and sleeping in drawers in a bedroom dresser, and all of the times he barreled into Jerry’s apartment door. Then there’s the time George killed his fiance by buying cheap wedding invitations, when he was going to eat an eclair out of the trash at his girlfriend’s parent’s house and was caught, and the many crazy things that happened when he was at work with the New York Yankees. Jerry has the “puffy shirt” moment, dating the woman called “man hands,” and the “Junior mint” episode with Jerry and Kramer accidentally dropping a piece of candy onto a surgical patient below them.

Breaking Bad

OK, back to the shocking and/or controversial TV shows because this one has it all- drugs, violence, crime, lies, and deception throughout all five seasons. Breaking Bad was created by Vince Gilligan (who wrote for many years for the X-Files) aired from 2008 to 2013 and starred Bryan Cranston as Walter White and Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman. Set and filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Breaking Bad begins with White, an underpaid high school chemistry teacher, being diagnosed with stage three lung cancer. Desperate for money and thinking he’s going to die soon anyway, White starts making crystal methamphetamine with his former student Pinkman. As you can imagine if you haven’t seen the show, Jesse and Walter get themselves into some harrowing situations but between Walter’s intelligence and Jesse’s resourcefulness they end up living to tell the tale, even if they end up being beaten to near-death upon more than one occasion.

I didn’t like any of the female characters in the show. Not a single one. I think my favorite character was Jesse Pinkman because his storyline was one of the best outside of Walter White’s. What drew me to Jesse was how the writers carefully and slowly over time showed just how complicated his character was. One of the more memorable moments in the show was from the first season when Jesse was told by Walter to get a specific kind of plastic tub to dissolve a body in hydrofluoric acid. Instead, Jesse put the body in his own porcelain tub. The crazy thing is hydrofluoric acid will dissolve porcelain but not the kind of plastic Walt had asked for, so the tub with the dead body and all of the bloody gore fell through the wood floor in a shocking, dramatic way. The final show from the last season was hard to top, though, as Walter went out in a blaze of glory like none other.

What about you? What are some of your all-time favorite TV shows? Did you watch any of these shows?

Happy not-running or traveling!


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I'm a long distance runner with a goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states in the US. I also love to travel so I travel to other places when I'm not running races. Half the fun is planning where I'm going to go next!

24 thoughts on “My Top Five TV Shows of All Time”

  1. My top 5 is an eclectic mix, but The West Wing is out in front by a country mile. The first three seasons in particular for me, are simply just the best writing ever seen on TV. Even the seasons when the quality dipped(4&5), as they were getting used to life without Aaron Sorkin, it was still exceptional viewing.

    The West Wing (the episode 2 Cathedrals is the best episode of TV I’ve ever seen)
    The Wire
    Star Trek DS9
    Around the World in 80 Days with Michael Palin

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Nice! I liked the West Wing too but lost interest somewhere along the way (maybe season 4 as you mentioned the quality falling then). I also loved Frasier. I thought about Star Trek The Next Generation but it just didn’t quite make my list.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to love Seinfeld too. I think one of my favorites of all times is “I Love Lucy”. I know…I am dating myself with that one. I used to be a chemistry teacher and my students used to talk to me all the time about Breaking Bad. They couldn’t believe I didn’t watch it! 🙂

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  3. Breaking Bad is really good and Jason and I have enjoyed the spin off Better Call Saul as much, if not more. My mom got him the series collection of the Xfiles that we’ve been working through the past 2 years (we get into other shows and a few weeks can go by between episodes). I could never get into Seinfeld, it’s just not that funny to me though I know plenty of people who like it including Jason. I much preferred Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. We loved House of Cards but never finished it once Kevin Spacey was removed… I understand the reasoning why but he just made the show for us. I’ve never seen Sex and the City.

    I would really have to think on my top series… A list of some we’ve watched more than once or are still watching include Stargate, Prison Break, Spartacus, Sons of Anarchy and Blacklist.

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  4. I can probably recite every line of Seinfeld by heart. I can also relate just about any run-of-the-mill life experience to a Seinfeld episode. It will always come first in my heart for straight comedies, and second overall after Northern Exposure.

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  5. If I’m being honest, I haven’t seen half of these shows. I know about all of them, but the only one that really resonates with me is the X-Files. That show has always been a favorite of mine though I didn’t get around to that new season.

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    1. It’s an eclectic mix of shows, I know, and some of them just wouldn’t appeal to everyone. Did you see the X-Files movie? I liked it but I can’t say I loved it. I did like how it tied up some loose ends from the show.

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  6. Would you believe with the exception of breaking bad & the first episode of House of Cards, I haven’t seen any of these? I don’t know why I never watched Sex & the City, probably because it wouldn’t appeal to my husband — we spend enough time watching tv as it is (the shows we watch together).

    We are rewatching the West Wing right now, and that was definitely one of my favs & still really relevant!

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    1. I can’t believe you’ve never seen Seinfeld! I take it you didn’t care for House of Cards since you didn’t get past the first episode? It took a few for me to get sucked in, because political shows generally aren’t my first choice. The West Wing is a great show.

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      1. My husband was a huge Seinfeld fan so I saw pieces of many, many episodes.

        Yeah, sometimes it takes a few episodes & we just don’t hang on long enough. Now with all the controversy about Kevin Spacey, sadly, I’ve never wanted to revisit it.

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  7. For whatever reason, I have not been able to get into Seinfeld. I’ve tried multiple times. I still haven’t watched the last season of Breaking Bad, because I guess that I will have to come to terms with the end of the series.

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