New Training Plan for my Next Half Marathon

As I’ve mentioned before in a previous post, I’ve started a new training plan for my next half marathon, which will be state number 42 and half marathon number 44. I’m in the fifth week and so far it’s going well. For my last several half marathons I had been following a plan that includes only “hard” runs, so no easy runs, and you only run three days a week. For me, I was cycling on Sunday, running tempo runs on Monday, lifting weights on Tuesday, yoga on Wednesday, either hill repeats or speedwork on Thursday, core work on Friday, and long runs on Saturday. So even though I was “only” running three days a week, you can see I was still doing a lot overall.

For this new training plan, however, things have gotten a lot tougher. I cycle on Sunday, run 40-45 minutes followed by strides on Monday, alternate doing tempo or interval runs on Tuesdays followed by weight training, yoga on Wednesday, fartlek runs 40-45 minutes on Thursday, run 30-45 minutes followed by strides on Friday and do core work, and long runs on Saturday. This plan is also longer than I used to train for before a half marathon. I used to train for 10-12 weeks, depending on how far apart my races were but this plan is for 14 weeks. I’ll be doing more long runs than I used to do but the beginning long run distance is the same. There are also no cut-back weeks, where I cut back on my mileage for that week, like I used to do.

Taken after running with my daughter in the Canary Islands

So why the big change anyway? Well, last year I started feeling like I was stuck in a running rut so I started making some changes. I tried new shoes with a brand completely new to me and I’ve continued doing this since last summer. Another thing I did that was extremely hard but I was able to do is change my running gait. I also read “Runner’s World Your Best Stride” by Jonathon Beverly and reviewed the book here. This book is full of information and includes tips, suggestions, stretches, and exercises that I’m trying to incorporate into my daily routines. The final thing to add to my running repertoire is the new training plan. Oh, and I almost forgot I’m also doing Heart Rate Training.

My next half marathon isn’t until May so I still have some time left in my training before the race. I guess the true test will be how I do at that race, but honestly if my finish time is pretty much like it has been in the past, I won’t think it was all for nothing. I realize there are many factors involved in race day such as the weather, the course, and just how you’re feeling that day.

So how’s it going so far you may ask? Surprisingly very well. Honestly, I expected to be far more tired than I have been or have little nagging aches and pains pop up, but (knock on wood)I haven’t had any of that so far. I even managed to get in every scheduled run when I was on vacation in the Canary Islands recently. Running in Gran Canaria and Tenerife in the Canary Islands was an adventure at first until I figured out where to run, but once that was done, I loved it, hills and all.

So until my half marathon in May, I’ll keep plugging along as I have been and enjoying the signs of spring all around me. I don’t know about you all, but I’m always happy when winter is over.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I still have one code left for 37% off Honey Stinger for anyone not part of the HSHive. I can send it to you if you just let me know. It’s good until April 1.

Happy running!




Author: runningtotravel

I'm a long distance runner with a goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states in the US. I also love to travel so I travel to other places when I'm not running races. Half the fun is planning where I'm going to go next!

15 thoughts on “New Training Plan for my Next Half Marathon”

  1. It great to hear that things are working out well for you on your new plan. I can’t tell you the last time I used a plan for a Half?? I used the same plan for each of my marathons, so maybe I need to change it up for the next one?? I love that your daughter ran with you on vacation, how fun to do that together.

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    1. It had been a while since I changed things up so I was well over-do for this. Once my daughter got over how hilly our runs would be, it was fun, but I won’t lie, there was a whole lot of complaining going on in the beginning! lol.

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  2. That is a lot of training. Wowsa!

    I’m thinking of going the opposite direction. I’ve had one rest day a week for some time now, but I’m considering increasing the frequency of my rest days. Maybe 1 rest day out of every four.

    I hope it goes great for you!

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  3. Hi Donna, great article and it totally makes sense that you felt you needed a change in your plan. Curious, was your previous plan a variation of Run Less Run Faster? As you know, I’m having to rethink my entire training regimen and just picked up the RLRF book for marathon training…it’s only 3x runs per week which is a bit scary but it emphasizes the cross-training. I’m also really getting back into cycling as I come to accept that my back cannot withstand the rigor of running 5 times per week. Really appreciate hearing about other runners plans and experience and glad that it is going well for you. And, with my regained love of cycline will come my love of HoneyStinger – they are awesome to take on a long bike so if that code is still available, I’d be happy to take it!!! Best of luck with the new training!

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    1. Thanks, James. Yes, my previous plan was based on 3 runs/week but emphasized cross-training twice a week either as cycling or rowing. There were zero easy running days or recovery runs so the runs were all hard. It worked for many years for me but I seemed to have plateaued so I thought I’d try this new plan and see how it goes. I hope the RLRF plan works for you. I’ll send you the HS code. Oh, and they have these new bars that look soooo good called Cracker N’ Nut Butter Bars. Mine are on the way so I haven’t tried them yet but I hear they’re really good.

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      1. Thank you Donna!! I got the code and will, for sure, order some in that new flavor. I think we are definitely talking about the same plan…it will be new to me and while I would prefer a couple easy run days, I know my back cannot maintain 4-5 runs per week. Did I mention, I’m getting into Zwift? If I didn’t it will be on the blog soon!!


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