Back in the Saddle Again!

Now that winter is over and spring is most definitely where I live in North Carolina, I decided to take my bicycle out again.  I hadn’t ridden since the fall since I don’t like riding when it’s cold out.  It took a little doing to get out there too.

First, I had to get my bike out of the garage, which usually isn’t a big deal but right now we’re having work done on the house and the man doing the work has been leaving his materials in our garage so I had to maneuver around all of that.  Of course my tires needed air so I had to get out the pump. We have a pump that you have to hook up to a vehicle with the engine running for it to work (yes, I know; I need a new pump), so I had to go in the house and get my car keys then start the car, hook up the pump to my tires, and pump them up, then turn off the car and put away the keys, and put away the pump.


When I went to put on my helmet, it needed tightened and adjusted, but finally after all that, I was off! I decided to keep it fairly short since I hadn’t ridden in months so I went for 30 minutes. It was glorious too! We’ve had some pretty hot days here lately (it was 87 when I went out today) so the breeze felt so refreshing. And then suddenly my chain fell off when I changed gears. Fortunately that was a quick fix and the only problem was what to do with my greasy fingers. I guess I should carry a pack of wet wipes or something in the future.

Last fall I wrote a post about cycling and how it complements running and can make you a better runner.  If you’d like to read about it, check it out here. I also have a link to a Runner’s World article about running and cycling in my post. Anyway, I really feel that cycling has made my legs stronger and has helped me be a stronger runner, especially as I’m getting older. I’m training for my next half marathon next month and want to get back into the routine of including a day of cycling in my training plan.

I won’t lie, either. When I got home and got off my bike after that first ride in months, my legs felt a little wobbly. They’re definitely going to take some getting used to being back on my bike again!

How many of you all incorporate cycling into your schedule when you’re training for a race or just cycle for the fun of it? I know some of you all have trainers so you can cycle indoors during the winter. Do you like that? I don’t have one but have thought about getting one. Any suggestions?

Author: runningtotravel

I'm a long distance runner with a goal of running a half marathon in all 50 states in the US. I also love to travel so I travel to other places when I'm not running races. Half the fun is planning where I'm going to go next!

14 thoughts on “Back in the Saddle Again!”

  1. Sounds like you had to go through some hoops for you bike ride, but great you got it in! Hopefully the rest of your rides this year will start off smoother. I don’t cycle much (hardly ever), but I’ve been wanting to get into it more. Like you said, it’s great for cross-training. Also nice to switch gears from running sometimes.

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  2. James recently set up the trainer for me for my XT days as we won’t get steady sun now until about July. Trainer = mindnumbing. My sitbones are none too pleased with me either, lol. But it is fun to get out and feel that wind in your face! 😀

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    1. What kind of trainer do you have, if you don’t mind my asking? We’re not lacking in sun here, fortunately. For us, spring means lots of sun and warm to hot days, but fortunately not much humidity (that comes around July).

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  3. Love cycling and just a couple weeks ago I tuned up our bikes with hopes of getting out the trail but the weather has not cooperated. As Paula mentioned, I did set her’s up on the trainer so she can start getting used to the saddle again. I love to ride and have a couple of bikes…a roadie and a tri bike that I acquired when I once harbored dreams of IronMan (I still do btw but that’s a whole other series of blog posts!!). Marathon training has dominated everything for me for the past couple years so my cycling has been sadly neglected but I hope to change that a bit this year and get out for a few rides. Great article…hope you get in a few miles over the weekend!

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    1. Yeah, I’m loving it again as well. I had stopped riding for several years and got my bike tuned up and started riding early last year. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it. I hope you and Paula are able to get outside for a ride once the weather cooperates for you!

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  4. I haven’t ridden a bicycle in so long. I’ve thought about taking up biking, but my neighborhood isn’t really conducive to it. It’s not the most biking friendly city. Maybe I’ll try indoor cycling instead.

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